On Blogs & Blogging

Welcome to my blog! Over the past ten years, I’ve written thousands of blogs for other people, but until now, none for me. Well, I got paid for the ones I wrote for other people, so technically I did write them for me, too. They weren’t mine, though, which made them easy. I just had to read the request, choose a topic, do a little research, and BOOM I had 250 words of information. Most of that information had a subtle or not so subtle suggestion of litigiousness because they were predominantly blogs for attorney websites.

To be honest, I developed a strong inclination toward litigiousness over the years, but I work hard to repress it now. And in my blog, I will never suggest that you sue someone. That’s my promise to you, Dear Reader. I will suggest that you buy books, but that’s a healthy habit that I hope you’re already enjoying. I buy books constantly, and it makes me happy every time.

Other than suggesting that you buy books, I plan to write about reading, about writing, about social media, about my work (which is also primarily reading, writing, and social media), and maybe sometimes about other things in my life.

Hopefully someday soon I’ll be writing about the publishing process, too, as I finally have a new novel ready to send to my publisher. I wrote the first draft of this particular novel in 2011 during National Novel Writing Month.

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