The month has begun well, but I’m not anywhere near the word count goal yet. I don’t even know exactly what it is, but that’s not a concern at the moment because I’m having trouble getting to know my characters. Will I have to write scenes from each character’s perspective until I understand how each one of them will respond? Will I have to write longhand for a while to jog my brain? Maybe. It means writing a lot of words that will never meet anyone else’s eyeballs, but once I know everyone, I’ll be able to see and hear them, and the writing will go much faster.

Scrivener tells me the word count by day, average, and compared to the target, so that’s nice as long as I manage to keep from checking it over and over. I can always mouse over the bar at the top for current total word count. The goal, of course, is 1,667 words per day to make 50,000 by the end of the month. However, I’ve got 724, 733, and -1 for the first three days.

Fortunately, day 3 isn’t over. I probably can’t get 1,667, much less catch up, but I bet I can get 750. Wish me luck!

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