France & David Bowie

I’m not typing at the break-neck speed that I have in many years past, and I blame the slow start on my characters. This year they aren’t all just versions of me, so it’s taking time to get to know them. I’m also having trouble settling on writing music. This morning I listened to a “Parisian cafe” Amazon playlist — a scone and a latte would not have been amiss — and it provided a nice background.

Maybe I chose that music because I’ve been jogging in France — virtually. Runners all over the world have used GoPro-type cameras to record their runs, and my current favorite is Virtual Run Le Mont Saint Michel. You go all through the castle, and you see the sunrise over the beach, and then you go down to the beach…

Meanwhile, for running music, I listened to David Bowie, and I don’t think it was the right fit, but it kept me moving and let me think. Choosing what to watch and listen to on the treadmill is always a delicate balance because Treadmill Time = Creative Time. The music has to be motivating but not distracting, and so does the video.

As far as progress goes, I’ve worked out lots of things on the plot, and on the morning of Day 8, I have 4,311 words. I know it’s way behind the goal, but I’m actually really happy with it. I’ve written two or more pages every day, and I feel invested in the story and the characters.

And I could still catch up! In 2011, I wrote the whole first draft in 13 days. That was a magical experience.

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