Anchors & Intervals

Casting a novel with pictures of celebrities isn’t the same thing as using a character someone else created as the basis for a book character, which is arguably either stealing or fanfic. I enjoy making an album on Pinterest with all my characters and then looking at them when I’m having trouble anchoring the story visually in my head. Sometimes I need that visual anchor to keep my mind from getting fuzzy or drifting off on a side trail that I end up deleting later. It occurs to me now that Scrivener has places to put pictures and research, so I could put all the visuals there. I may give it a try!

Today for the first time in two years I jogged for five miles without stopping. Usually, I wear myself out trying to go faster than last time, but this time, I went at a steady pace with no intervals at all. It’s hard for me to stay steady. Something in me (OCD?) wants me to run faster and try harder to the point of breaking down. I wasn’t noticing these symptoms as much on the old meds. The new meds do better to handle bipolar stuff, but I guess they don’t do quite as much for OCD. Still, though, my house isn’t clean, so they must be doing something right. šŸ†

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