It Was a Beginning

NaNo came to an end, and I’m nowhere near the end of my novel. I’m nowhere near the middle, either. BUT I accomplished my goal. I established a routine, and I wrote some words every single day. Now, the goal is to continue that until the book is done.

My stats for the month were:

  • Total words in draft: 12,953
  • Most words in a day: 1,271
  • Fewest words in a day: 18 (because I deleted 98 previous words that day 😕)
  • Average daily words: 388

I feel like my characters, plot, and setting are well-established now, and so far, December words have been progressing well, too. So I didn’t get 50k, but I feel like a winner!

In other news, I haven’t yet heard back from my publisher about whether they want to take on Risk Management. I’ve started checking my email more frequently, even though I’m trying not to dwell on it. I’m not quite to the anxious stage where I get a little jolt of tension every time I see a new notification, but I can feel it coming. 😨

This seems like a good time to delve deeper into MINDFULNESS

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