I just noticed that I keep setting up my chapters to be dramatic and action-packed and then backing off and having everything smooth over. Why do I do this?

Oh, right. Because I hate conflict. Sometimes I even like to read books where good things happen to good people, and then there’s a happy ending. Not often, though, because those are boring. And mine is in danger of dullness, too.

Part of the problem may be pacing. I don’t know. But I remind myself that this is just a first draft, and I can always ramp things up a lot more in the second draft, once I have a clearer plot arc. It’s possible that the set-ups that are seeming to fizzle will still be enough to trigger the twist that throws everything into chaos I have planned for about the middle of the book. If not, I can fix it later.

For now, the key is to keep going, so I end up with a draft to work with.

Last Wednesday, I got my booster shot, so now my vaccine “passport” card has three slots filled! It was a pain, though. Tiredness. Body aches. More tiredness. I still wrote every day, though. I feel compelled to keep the streak going. I’m at 46 days in a row, now!

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