My Friend Abadi

For some reason, Scrivener doesn’t have page numbers. Or, it probably does, but I haven’t found the setting to put them in. I pasted it into Word just now to get a rough idea of what 24k words looks like, and it’s 77 pages! At least, it is in Abadi 12pt. I find Abadi easy and comfortable to read. It’s strong and bold, as well as appealingly round. Like an exuberant, extroverted pregnant woman. I feel like Abadi and I could be friends because she can carry the conversations when I’m not feeling the words, and that’s exactly what I want in a novel font.

The holiday/weekend/snow days have been great for working on my story. However, I once again started feeling that the main guy character is all wrong. Not enough backbone. Too much dithering. I adjusted him a bit, and now his name is wrong, too. Blarg! I’ve never had so much trouble with a guy’s name. My main character needed a little adjusting, too, but not quite as much. She needs to think she has more control than she does, where I was letting her doubt herself. She’s over it, now. lol

In other news, I jogged a 10k three days in a row. The 600 or so calories I burned are just a fraction of what I ate for desserts and snacks several times a day, though. Well, that’s all over now. The pies, cake, and cookies are all gone. No more temptation.

In other, other news, our kitchen sink has been plugged up for a week. We pulled apart the trap and snaked the clean-out, and those didn’t help, but Ken bought a fancy new snake that may work better. Who knows if we’ll ever be able to get a plumber out, the way things are these days. I’m not calling one on a holiday or while there’s ice on the roads, regardless.

It looks like tomorrow is a normal workday/weekday. “Early” to bed for me so I can rise early, drink a monster, and write a bunch of words before the real day starts.

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