Oops! I did it again

Here I am, 30k words into the manuscript, and I’m STILL dodging conflict right and left. I’ve introduced a number of potential situations where things could go wrong, and I’ve left them hanging. I just don’t like making bad things happen to people! I want them to be mildly uncomfortable, and then I want that to stop, and I want them to be happy. If only that were an appealing concept for a book, I’d do really well.

This morning, instead of pounding away on the main part of the novel, I’m listing all the potential conflicts I’ve set up, and it’s actually a lot. Some of them are huge. The small ones could easily get bigger, too. I have so much potential for conflict! I need to go with it. I need to uncover a previously unknown diabolical side to my personality and unleash it on my poor sweet little characters who are just doing their best to get by.

This is my goal: to become diabolical. And to enjoy it.

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