On V Day, Bigfoot, and Doing My Research

Valentine’s Day is almost here! While some people question its reason for taking up space on the calendar, it’s a great reason to read a romance. Like my novella/long-short story, Selfie Sessions! At about 10,000 words, you can read the whole thing while you eat a few cookies in front of the fire. Decorating your desk at work with hearts and glitter can be fun, too, and if you have a Significant Other and you like buying them gifts and doing things together, then here’s your chance!

My Significant Other and I are sporadic about celebrating things. Some years, we celebrate the anniversary of our first marriage and the anniversary of our second marriage (long story). Some years we forget about all our special days until after those days have passed. This year, we’re going to look for sea glass and shop in little cute shops near the water and possibly also search for Bigfoot. We’ll probably also have a picnic in the old cemetery where some of the first white people to come to that area were buried. We’re actually doing these activities on the 12th, though, because the forecast says sun on a winter Saturday, and we can’t pass that up. And since it’s our favorite kind of romantic outing ~ Hey! ~ Why not do it in the name of St. Valentine?

During the day, I intend to pick my extremely well-educated husband’s brain about some mental and behavioral health issues in the scenes I’m working on for my Recovery House novel (working title). After all, interviewing a professional in the field is an excellent way to research a scene. And if I’m interviewing said professional in a field on top of a hill overlooking a wooded slope where we both swear we saw Bigfoot once, then that just makes research a lot more fun. If I get any good pics of Bigfoot, you can bet I’ll be posting them!

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  1. Beth, this is great! I love your idea of a romantic Valentines outing and I also love that it’s ok not to celebrate sometimes. It’s ok to to always feel obligated if “its” just not there that year! Well done, would love to read more of your work!


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