Inclement Angst


The fertile green is deepening even though

the goddamn chill still permeates


Spring is fucking cold this year.

Our anticipation of warmth

has run its course and left us bitter,

our down coat pockets full

of damp tissue

from runny noses bitten by icy wind

that belongs

up in the mountains not

down here by the Sound

amid the moaning pine trees

that won’t block the breeze but

throw dismal shade

between us and what warmth

we might have gained from

the full spring sun.

We should be done with

bracing ourselves to step outside

and be assaulted by

the abominable nip

in the air.

Christ, we’re dying for natural warmth here.

We’re almost through

the end of April with heaters

forever set on high —

We need relief from the price of heat.

We need relief from the toll of drafts.

We’re all just so sick of

this fucking cold spring.

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