Marketing and Revisions

I finished my NaNo novel in mid-December and put it away for now, so I could jump back into Recovery House, which is a standalone/sequel to Risk Management (both are about women working in the substance use disorder field, but there are no overlapping characters between the two). It took me longer than normal to…… Continue reading Marketing and Revisions

NaNoWriMo Approacheth

the whole hog It’s almost that time of year again! National Novel Writing Month starts in six days, and this year I plan to go whole hog on it. I have a complete plot summary, characters (semi-complete with flaws, objectives, etc.), and quite a few chapter outlines. My goal is to win NaNo with the…… Continue reading NaNoWriMo Approacheth

Freewriting for Solutions

I’ve been moving swiftly along this week because I’m rewriting scenes that have the same bones as draft 1. BUT. Now I’m to the part where I have to make some decisions and probably go in a different direction because the last third of draft 1 didn’t quite work. Each idea was OK, and I…… Continue reading Freewriting for Solutions

And Now, Draft Two

After a couple of false starts on Recovery House: Draft Two, I decided to take a few days (weeks) and research ways that other authors approach second drafting. Almost every article I read said to reverse outline! I decided to do this on notecards with colored pens and various sticky notes because I love office…… Continue reading And Now, Draft Two

Inclement Angst

#mood The fertile green is deepening even though the goddamn chill still permeates       everything. Spring is fucking cold this year. Our anticipation of warmth has run its course and left us bitter, our down coat pockets full of damp tissue from runny noses bitten by icy wind that belongs up in the mountains not…… Continue reading Inclement Angst

Risk Management, OCD, & Poetry

Risk Management has been out for 17 days now! I’m trying to focus on publicity stuff and my progress with the second draft of Recovery House (the second book in the SUD Chronicles!) and my poetry, rather than obsessively checking the Amazon book sale rankings obsessively. Those numbers supposedly don’t give helpful information, anyway. Speaking…… Continue reading Risk Management, OCD, & Poetry

Risk Management is coming soon!

Books To Go Now publishing company (the company that has published all of my contemporary romance novels and novellas) is now publishing Risk Management, and it will be released for your reading enjoyment very soon! I don’t have an exact date yet, but we’re getting close to the end of the process, I think. I’ve…… Continue reading Risk Management is coming soon!