On V Day, Bigfoot, and Doing My Research

Valentine’s Day is almost here! While some people question its reason for taking up space on the calendar, it’s a great reason to read a romance. Like my novella/long-short story, Selfie Sessions! At about 10,000 words, you can read the whole thing while you eat a few cookies in front of the fire. Decorating your…… Continue reading On V Day, Bigfoot, and Doing My Research

Oops! I did it again

Here I am, 30k words into the manuscript, and I’m STILL dodging conflict right and left. I’ve introduced a number of potential situations where things could go wrong, and I’ve left them hanging. I just don’t like making bad things happen to people! I want them to be mildly uncomfortable, and then I want that…… Continue reading Oops! I did it again

My Friend Abadi

For some reason, Scrivener doesn’t have page numbers. Or, it probably does, but I haven’t found the setting to put them in. I pasted it into Word just now to get a rough idea of what 24k words looks like, and it’s 77 pages! At least, it is in Abadi 12pt. I find Abadi easy…… Continue reading My Friend Abadi


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I just noticed that I keep setting up my chapters to be dramatic and action-packed and then backing off and having everything smooth over. Why do I do this? Oh, right. Because I hate conflict. Sometimes I even like to read books where good things happen to good people, and then there’s a happy ending.…… Continue reading Boosted

It Was a Beginning

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NaNo came to an end, and I’m nowhere near the end of my novel. I’m nowhere near the middle, either. BUT I accomplished my goal. I established a routine, and I wrote some words every single day. Now, the goal is to continue that until the book is done. My stats for the month were:…… Continue reading It Was a Beginning


The month has begun well, but I’m not anywhere near the word count goal yet. I don’t even know exactly what it is, but that’s not a concern at the moment because I’m having trouble getting to know my characters. Will I have to write scenes from each character’s perspective until I understand how each…… Continue reading NaNoWriMo

On Planning, Themes, & Truth

In the lead-up to November 1, I’m thinking a lot about my next novel and planning for National Novel Writing Month (NaNo). The one in queue for publication (as soon as I finish the synopsis and submit it) has a strong focus on behavioral health and chemical dependency, and I’ve decided to make substance use…… Continue reading On Planning, Themes, & Truth


On Blogs & Blogging Welcome to my blog! Over the past ten years, I’ve written thousands of blogs for other people, but until now, none for me. Well, I got paid for the ones I wrote for other people, so technically I did write them for me, too. They weren’t mine, though, which made them…… Continue reading Blog